Taobao Agent Scope of service

Taobao Agent Scope of service

1, clean out treasure net goods on sb’s behalf (does not contain train ticket and plane ticket)
2, the supermarket goods purchasing;
3, auto insurance taobao purchasing;
4, water and electricity fees and other convenience services;
5, QQ cards, and prepaid recharge
6, Taobao goods orders on behalf of the payment;
7, credit card repayment;
8, express delivery service;
9, other convenience services based on taobao;

Baby Feeding

  1. Baby Dining Chairs & Seats
  2. Bibs & Burp Cloths
  3. Children’s Cups, Dishes & Utensils
  4. Feeding Supplies

Baby Toys

  1. Baby Dolls
  2. Cartoon Accessories
  3. Cartoon Anime & Movie
  4. Plush Toys
  5. Stuffed Animals

Children’s Accessories

  1. Children’s Bags
  2. Children’s Belts & Buckles
  3. Children’s Caps & Hats
  4. Children’s Gloves & Mittens
  5. Children’s Hair Accessories
  6. Children’s Scarves & Wraps
  7. Children’s Socks
  8. Children’s Ties

Children’s Nursery Bedding

  1. Children’s Bedding Sets
  2. Children’s Blankets
  3. Children’s Mats
  4. Children’s Pillows
  5. Children’s Quilts
  6. Children’s Sleeping Bags


Taobao Agent Business background

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What is Taobao Agent?

Taobao shopping service point (Taobao shopping), is to help consumers Taobao online shopping service point entity, the service can help consumers one-stop purchase all kinds of daily household goods, as well as water, electricity and other utilities payment, credit card payments and other personal consumption. Taobao purchasing service point, is to provide consumers with online […]

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